Healing Flames Forge would like to recognize the following friends, family and patrons for their support and involvement in forging what is now known as Healing Flames Forge.


Without Nancy's approval and support, this would never have been possible. Her patience is a blessing and her logical approach to finance is a pillar of this effort.

Bronson Duane

Bronson is the genius behind the technology that allows you to read everything on this website, and interact with us.

Mike Duane

Without Mike, this would remain nothing more than a dream.

Denny & Pam Duane

Denny and Pam patiently worked through settling Mike’s estate, which provided the capital to build Healing Flames Forge.

Frank Duane

Frank selflessly stepped up to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

Rick Turvey, Artist

Rick provided the portraits of Master Sergeant (USAF, Retired) Mike Duane, that proudly hang in the smithy.

Byron & Missy Russell

What once was theirs, is now ours, and provided the physical location for Healing Flames Forge. Byron & Missy Russell's support and input as board members since the inception of Healing Flames Forge has been immeasurable.

Brent Friedman

Brent was the FIRST outside financial contributor to the Healing Flames Forge effort.

Eric Cayce

Eric was the FIRST to donate to Healing Flames Forge as a bona fide non-profit with tax-exempt status.

Ben Abbott

Ben provided the initial inspiration. Without him, we wouldn’t have known about Black Horse Forge, and Healing Flames Forge likely would not exist.

Steve & Amy Hotz

Steve is the Black Horse Forge founder & president. An awesome coach and inspiration for what we are doing at Healing Flames Forge. Amy is his 'better half' and has been hugely supportive of the establishment of Healing Flames Forge.

Dave Seitz

Dave is a co-founder of Black Horse Forge and provided awesome support and guidance during Rob Duane's initial meeting with the Black Horse Forge program.

Gary Grim

Gary owns Grim's Trailers and provides project steel to Healing Flames Forge.

Ed Reams

Ed sourced many of the anvils and several other blacksmith tools in the smithy.

Goine’s Farm

Goine's laid the foundation for Healing Flames Forge –literally– by bringing in truckloads of rock and gravel for the driveway and shop foundation.

Joey Poindexter Excavating

Joey leveled the building site and moved the scrapings to other areas of the property to improve water runoff and drainage.

Brinkley Electric

Dee Brinkley and his crew gave power to the smithy. We have lights and electricity thanks to them!

Rod Streeter, Director of Montgomery County Buildings and Codes

Rod steered us through the approval process with the Montgomery County Zoning Board. His office also provided valuable guidance throughout the physical building process.

Montgomery County Zoning Board

Without their blessing, Healing Flames Forge simply would not be.

Dr. Andrew Kester, Montgomery County VA Director

Dr. Kester is a fellow veteran, mentor, and fellow blacksmith who continually provides support and guidance to the Healing Flames Forge effort.

Dave Fisher (Fisher Forge)

Dave is Rob Duane’s first blacksmith instructor and mentor. Without his instruction, guidance, and continued mentorship, Rob would no doubt still be languishing in burnt, formless, hot metal.

Scott Kettner

Scott called in January 2022 to ask about classes. When told that HFF was still in the "build phase", Scott volunteered to help with the build.

Jim Langley

Jim is a U.S. Marine Corps Veteran who learned of HFF through Facebook and volunteered to help. He is an accomplished bladesmith and knowledgeable blacksmith (modestly a “novice smith” in his words). Jim supported Healing Flames’ grand opening by donating hand-crafted, custom knives to sell in our silent auction. In October 2022, Jim stepped up to serve as a member of the HFF Board of Directors.

Clay Richards Construction

Clay and his crew built the the 900 sq. ft. pole barn that houses the smithy!

Chawn Jones

Chawn poured the concrete that gives us a firm footing upon which to work.

Sarah Barr & Konhaus Print & Marketing

Sarah is a saint who put up with our nit-picking through the development of the final Healing Flames Forge logo.

Clarksville Gutter

Clarksville Gutters provide our rainwater collection that in turn provides hand-washing water and water for cleanup in the smithy.

Kevin Shadick & Tiera Baird at Rocket Lawyer

Tiera was the muscle behind incorporation and 501(c)(3) nonprofit status for Healing Flames Forge and Kevin Shadick handled the paperwork that granted Healing Flames Forge its tax-exempt status in just four months!

Clark Taplin

Clark built our two ribbon forges and the 17-ton hydraulic press. Clark is an awesome guy, an accomplished blacksmith, bladesmith, and tool builder in Franklin, TN.

Brad Godbold

Brad emailed Rob Duane in May 2022 to inquire about classes. When told the smithy was still in the “build phase”, Brad volunteered to help with the build. He then trained in the smithy over the summer and came on as cadre after the opening. Brad is already an accomplished bladesmith and knowledgeable blacksmith.

Russell Falkner

Russ stepped up to serve as a mentor and in October 2022 came on as a member of the Board of Directors. An accomplished bladesmith and knowledgeable blacksmith, Russ donates his time and expertise to HFF forge session participants.

Troy Fitzgerald

Troy donated two blacksmith post vises for use in the smithy. Troy is a veteran and former paratrooper who served with Company B, 1/320 Field Artillery at Ft. Bragg, NC, and Company C, 1/37th Field Artillery at Ft. Wainwright, AK. Healing Flames Forge thanks him for his service and his generosity.

Kim Breed of Breed’s Custom Knives

Kim supported Healing Flames’ grand opening by donating hand-crafted, custom knives to sell in our silent auction. Since the grand opening, Kim donates time on the weekends as a mentor to our forge session participants. He continues to make custom knives, sometimes donating money from their sale to Healing Flames Forge. In January 2023, Kim stepped up as a board member.